Vaughan’s Australian Plants are the specialists in the best of the Australian Flora. From the early days at the Mt Cassell Nursery in Pomonal to the current location on the Bellarine, we have offered the best range of spectacular Australian Native Plants including the country‚Äôs biggest range of grafted plants.

Educated, experienced advice is available to help customers select plants for all locations and uses. 3 acres of spectacular display gardens allow people to see mature specimens of varieties, not available anywhere else, before purchasing.

Why Choose Grafted?

A grafted plant combines the best characteristics of the rootstock and the grafted plant material (Scion). Rootstocks are generally selected for their vigour, disease resistance and tolerance of a wide variety of soils. Particular plant characteristics eg. specific colours of Flower gum (C.Ficifolia).

Another important breakthrough is the capacity to graft dwarf selections. eg. dwarf Flowering Gum.

Grafting allows many difficult to cultivate Western Australian varieties, to be grown in the Eastern states of Australia on hardy root stocks. eg The Qualup Bell (Pimealea Physodes displayed in the picture below)

We grow a huge collection of Proteaceae, including Grevillea, Dryandra, Banksia, Isopogon and Hakea. Not only do the banksias attract native birds but also visitors with cameras – they are probably the most pointed at and photographed plants in the garden. Other genera represented in the garden include Lechenaultia, Chamelaucium, Eremophila, Anigozanthos, Conostylis and Scholtzia.

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